Specials and Promotions


Chances to win $500 bonus prize on our Balls tickets.

Here’s how it works.

We’ll draw 2 bingo balls from the hopper and post those numbers. They will be wild numbers that will give you 2 chances to win an extra $500 of bonus prize money if, when you win the regular balls prize, you bingo on – as the last number called – one of the two wild numbers. Once a balls winner wins on one of the wild numbers then that wild number is no longer in play but the other one still is. So, there are two bonus prizes to be won and the wild numbers are valid for all balls tickets.  Once both bonus prizes are won, we’ll draw a new set of two wild numbers at the following bingo session.

Red Ball Progressive Promotion

Mini Jackpot on the Any 3 Lines portion of the Red Ball Game.

The Mini Jackpot will be $500 if won within designated numbers. The designated numbers start at 15 and increase by one every day until won. This exciting promotional game and the extra prize money will be included with the purchase of your Red Ball tickets.

We hope you enjoy these exciting promotions.